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This entire website has been built to help the Bullfrog Spa Customer. You made the investment in a quality Bullfrog Spa and we are here to help with your service and parts needs. As you the Bullfrog Customer are the most important part and the entire reason for this website, we value your feedback. Leave your comments below about the service, website or related topic.

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98 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. I replaced my topside control pad (65-1186) on my 2009 Bullfrog 562 SS Mirage. After installation, none of the control buttons work.

    When I turn the electric on, the panel lights up, and seems to cycle up properly. It shows the numbers 100, then 35, then 240, then pr – which means it’s priming, and then it shows temperature. All that seems normal. But none of the buttons work. The heater is functioning normally, and the display shows “standard” for the operating mode.

    It’s like the panel is locked out or something. In the manual, it gives the procedure for unlocking the panel, which I’ve tried, but that doesn’t work. Besides, it doesn’t make sense to me that the panel would be locked out initially upon being turned on. Wouldn’t the factory default be unlocked?

    All there is to do is plug in the module plug for the wiring. Did I do something wrong, or could the unit be defective?

    1. When you power off and then on the spa will resume the last settings that were in the spa. It does not default to factory settings. It does sound like you have it in Panel Lock. If this is so, you should see the LED light on the panel lit beside the PL.

  2. The topside control panel is worn out. Works fine but the overlay is cracked and the underside now exposed. I see the overlay but wasn’t sure it something else is needed like a plastic cap to put the overlay in. I’ve got a bullfrog 251.

  3. Hi – need help with a wet end replacement part number for a Gecko Aquaflo XP2 pump on a 2011 Bullfrog 451SS. thanks

  4. Will sthe snap cap 60-1200 fit on my bullfrog spa model 231 year 2010 instead of the 60-1195? If so, what part number I have to ad for the pillow attachement?

        1. At this time we do not ship outside the continental US. You may use a friend with a US address or a trans-ship service.

  5. I have a 2005 ,8X8 Bullfrog,wood frame is rotted. Does the factory sell frame kits? Shell is perfect, I’m disabled, need to refurbish this unit. I can send Model and any info needed. Thanks for any help, can’t afford a new one .

    1. Unfortunately, frame kits are not available. Please contact your local Bullfrog Spa dealer to assist in the rebuild or possible trade-in.

  6. I just ordered and charged several items for my Bullfrog spa online and it still shows the items in checkout? Did the purchase go through? Help!

  7. I have a 1999 bull frog with a sandstone shell. While some contractors were working near the spa they must have accidently hit the side with something. When I lifted the cover to start for the fall/winter I saw a large crack up the shell skirt about 4 to 5 inches long. Fortunately, it did not continue over the top or in the spa so there is no issue with the spa leaking. However, it is cosmetically unappealing and I don’t want the crack to continue. Is there a way to fill this crack so it doesn’t look repaired. I can put a filler in, but you would see a white line. It is about1/4 inch at base and travels up until it disappears when the spa turns upward.

    1. Unfortunately, there is not a way that will never show a line. Your best bet would be to contact someone locally that specializes in acrylic repairs (hot tub, bath, boat).

  8. bullfrog spa Oscillator jets don’t oscillate. Good pressure, no leaks, but 3 of the 4 don’t move – most of the time. Can this be fixed?

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