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This entire website has been built to help the Bullfrog Spa Customer. You made the investment in a quality Bullfrog Spa and we are here to help with your service and parts needs. As you the Bullfrog Customer are the most important part and the entire reason for this website, we value your feedback. Leave your comments below about the service, website or related topic.

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98 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. Great experience shopping on this site. Had just what we needed and Richard provided great customer service. The online chat was very efficient. Will be back to shop at this site and will recommend to others.

  2. My freind ownes your Bulfrog spa. She wants to have me maintain the unit. I made a guess at the year, but could you verify the manual that I need? The moel number is EL1-BF02-DCAH

    Thank You,

    Frank Verderber

    1. The BF02 board was used from 2004-2008. Look inside the equipment area on the side wall, you should find the Bullfrog Manufacturing Plate with the date of manufacturer.

  3. I had a question about troubleshooting my bullfrog spa after a power failure. I went to the website and chatted online with a technician. The technician answered all of my questions and provided me with specific troubleshooting steps to solve my issue. Excellent service!

  4. Your site and person was very helpfull, and will be back to shop at this site and will recommend to others. Thank You

  5. Order site worked well. Thanks.One comment. I read your warning on needing to enter discount code. I hit the order button just as I realized the “Save25” hadn’t been entered, but could not go back to it. I’d appreciate it if you could still help me apply the discount. Thanks!

    Order #BF-2599

    Status: Accepted

    Feb 7, 2013 03:24 AM

  6. one of the best and most helpfull online shopping experiences ive ever had. i will be useing this sight for all my spa needs…..all around very happy with the help and guidance. thanks.

        1. The original warranty is part of the overall Bullfrog Spa equipment warranty. A replacement part under warranty does not extend the original warranty. Likewise, a replacement part not under warranty carries a replacement part warranty which is 90 days.

  7. Your online chat was great. Thank you so much for being patient and answering all my questions. This is a testamant to a true customer service.

  8. cant get a tech to look at a spa. local dealer in billings wants nothing to do with it. error code reads ” low water flow tech required “

    1. Sorry for your problems. A Low Water Flow error can be caused by dirty filters, a gate valve closed or a failing pump. Remove the filters, reset the spa and see if that fixes, Check all the gate valves and be sure they are full open.

  9. I am trying to replace a seal between motor and impeller is there a trick to pulling the impeller off of the motor shaft i think the seal has been leaking awhile.

    1. After removing the thru-bolts holding the motor to the pump, you will need to remove the clip holding the pump to the shaft.

      1. its not a clip it is threaded on saw it when i broke it i will order a new impeller wish i would have seen the coupons before i ordered a controller, cover, and seals.

  10. Was great that I had the ability to ask questions before spending a lot of money. The online support also told me how to save some money which was great too. Also – I had questions about replacing the part and they helped with that! Fantastic customer service!!

  11. Hi, I have a 462. When I turn it on, it runs thru all modes and runs pumps – as soon as the heater comes on, it trips the breaker. Can this be anything else other than a bad heater? Thanks

  12. I have a 562 with the Premier topside control. Main control is BF01 Mach2. Topside control won’t respond to button pushes, such as to change temperature or set time. It also is displaying incorrect information, such as indicating pumps running when they aren’t. It is not locked (no padlock symbol or PL light on). I’ve cycled power on the entire system (at main breaker feeding hot tub) and also toggled the A12 switch during a power cycle; upon power-up the spa appears to otherwise operate normally through priming, pump1 cycling on from time to time, etc. Is this likely a failed topside control, or a problem in the BF01 itself? Thanks!

    1. If you have auxiliary pump controls, try unplugging them and see if the topside works correctly. Otherwise it sounds most likely to be a topside, but still could be a board issue.

        1. Sorry, one more question if you don’t mind. The tag on my topside control says Balboa ML700, S/N begins 52798-01. Is the 65-1186 control pad on this website correct? Since there’s no returns allowed, just want to make 100% sure I’m getting the right part.

          1. If your topside is the 8 button Premier control, then yes this would be it. Don’t forget the overlay as well 65-1860.

  13. You answered both my questions faster than I could ask them! LOL Great to know we can add the wifi and fix the clips with no problems!

  14. I have been ordering parts for my BullFrog Spa for several years. Always great prices and I alway find what I need and my orders are received quickly. Love the online chat, always attentive and helpful. A++

  15. I was looking for a face plate for a jet on the oscillator jet pak. Really had little hopes of finding one but went to the online chat and described what I was looking for and The Spa Master had me an answer in about 30 seconds. What a pleasant surprise to find someone so knowledgeable and helpful.

  16. I needed 5 inch jets for a tad pole.the Spa master hooked me right up and showed me the best deal. thanx.

  17. We are thinking of buying a Tadpole BF02. It is in great condition. We were wondering how much they sold for and how much do you think it is worth? Is it easy to maintain? Thanks, Linda

    1. When considering a used tub, you can’t do better than a Bullfrog Spa. Check your email for more information from me.

  18. Richard Davidson
    I am a little embarrased to admit that I overtightened and broke the collar that attaches to the wet end of the pump on my 2007 Bullfrog Spa, Model 331. Is there a way to replace just the collar or will this require major surgery?

  19. bullfrog spa Oscillator jets don’t oscillate. Good pressure, no leaks, but 3 of the 4 don’t move – most of the time. Can this be fixed?

  20. I have a 1999 bull frog with a sandstone shell. While some contractors were working near the spa they must have accidently hit the side with something. When I lifted the cover to start for the fall/winter I saw a large crack up the shell skirt about 4 to 5 inches long. Fortunately, it did not continue over the top or in the spa so there is no issue with the spa leaking. However, it is cosmetically unappealing and I don’t want the crack to continue. Is there a way to fill this crack so it doesn’t look repaired. I can put a filler in, but you would see a white line. It is about1/4 inch at base and travels up until it disappears when the spa turns upward.

    1. Unfortunately, there is not a way that will never show a line. Your best bet would be to contact someone locally that specializes in acrylic repairs (hot tub, bath, boat).

  21. I just ordered and charged several items for my Bullfrog spa online and it still shows the items in checkout? Did the purchase go through? Help!

  22. I have a 2005 ,8X8 Bullfrog,wood frame is rotted. Does the factory sell frame kits? Shell is perfect, I’m disabled, need to refurbish this unit. I can send Model and any info needed. Thanks for any help, can’t afford a new one .

    1. Unfortunately, frame kits are not available. Please contact your local Bullfrog Spa dealer to assist in the rebuild or possible trade-in.

  23. Will sthe snap cap 60-1200 fit on my bullfrog spa model 231 year 2010 instead of the 60-1195? If so, what part number I have to ad for the pillow attachement?

        1. At this time we do not ship outside the continental US. You may use a friend with a US address or a trans-ship service.

  24. Hi – need help with a wet end replacement part number for a Gecko Aquaflo XP2 pump on a 2011 Bullfrog 451SS. thanks

  25. The topside control panel is worn out. Works fine but the overlay is cracked and the underside now exposed. I see the overlay but wasn’t sure it something else is needed like a plastic cap to put the overlay in. I’ve got a bullfrog 251.

  26. I replaced my topside control pad (65-1186) on my 2009 Bullfrog 562 SS Mirage. After installation, none of the control buttons work.

    When I turn the electric on, the panel lights up, and seems to cycle up properly. It shows the numbers 100, then 35, then 240, then pr – which means it’s priming, and then it shows temperature. All that seems normal. But none of the buttons work. The heater is functioning normally, and the display shows “standard” for the operating mode.

    It’s like the panel is locked out or something. In the manual, it gives the procedure for unlocking the panel, which I’ve tried, but that doesn’t work. Besides, it doesn’t make sense to me that the panel would be locked out initially upon being turned on. Wouldn’t the factory default be unlocked?

    All there is to do is plug in the module plug for the wiring. Did I do something wrong, or could the unit be defective?

    1. When you power off and then on the spa will resume the last settings that were in the spa. It does not default to factory settings. It does sound like you have it in Panel Lock. If this is so, you should see the LED light on the panel lit beside the PL.

  27. Have a 2002 bullfrog spa model 52391-01 that motor doesn’t work on low speed. Thinking the motor needs to be replaced however the motor doesn’t have hp rating on it. I am an electrician so yes I know where it is located on the motor. However it does list the amperage for the motor which suggest to me that it is a 1/3 hp and 2 hp 2 speed motor. Your site doesn’t sell a motor that is that size and am curious if a stronger hp motor should be fine. Also curious if you sell the motor alone without the pump on it since thats all I need to replace. thanks.

    1. The 2.0, 4.0 or 4.8 hp pumps will all work. I would suspect you have the 4.0/2.0 hp pump now. Just be sure to select a 2 speed, 220V pump. One thing to check first, is the board have output to the low speed side of the pump when selected by the control?

      The Spa Master

  28. The control panel on my Bullfrog 562 is very difficult to read – especially in daylight. The buttons still control everything properly, but are very cracked. Do I just need an overlay for this? And can I switch it out myself?

    I’m ordering my second sets of jet massage covers as well – they keep snapping off. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you.

      1. The display is easy to read only at night – are you sure I need the entire pad?

        Also, how do I keep the rectangular jet massage covers from snapping off – I am on my third ones in a year.

        1. Based on your description, yes I am sure about the topside.

          The vertassage faceplates do wear over time. The jetpak you most likely have has 4 of these. The tabs wear over time and break. If a tab is broken, it will not stay on.

  29. Thanks to Matt & Richard for the EXCELLENT customer support and spa advice. You guys went above and beyond. Thank you!

  30. Thanks to Matt & Richard for the EXCELLENT customer support and spa advice. You guys went above and beyond. Thank you!

  31. So glad I found you guys! Just placed my second order and will continue to place all my orders with you as needed. Customer service is great, prices aren’t bad, your stock is plentiful, shipping time is great and customer service is top-notch. Thank you!

  32. So glad I found you guys! Just placed my second order and will continue to place all my orders with you as needed. Prices aren’t bad, your stock is plentiful, shipping time is great and customer service is top-notch. Thank you!

  33. I just want to say that I had lighting strike in my yard and my hot tub quit working. I by chance called the number for help and to my surprise got a real person to talk to. He walked me through possible issues. I was able to fix what I though was the issue and I still had issues. I called again and got the same person which walked me through more possible issues and now my hot tub is working perfect!

    They just proved to me that they are truly there to help and not just sell things. They have all my business from now on!

  34. I have a Bull Frog Model 331 Series 1 . Recently the control panel stopped working so I ordered a new one from you. I installed it and everything worked fine except it will not shut off. I noticed that the F2 light is lit on the control panel that I don’t remember seeing it on previously when it was previously working fine. Do you know what is wrong? I am trying to find someone locally but I am having a problem finding that technician.

    I would really appreciate any help you would give me.

    Henry Zapasnik
    Rehoboth, MA

    1. The F2 light indicates it is in filter cycle 2. check your filter cycle times, sounds like you have one set too long.

  35. I have a Bullfrog Model 682 Series 1 spa. Jet 1 is not working at all but both speeds on Jet 2 work fine. The yellow light is lit when you press the Jet 1 button and the Jet 1 Icon is spinning as if it’s working but the pump doesn’t kick on at either speed. Do you have any ideas of what might be going on and how to repair it?

    Bryce C. Larsen
    Cedar Hills, Utah

    1. The voltage to the pump needs to be checked. If that is not there then check the fuse on the board (25amp). If the fuses are Ok then you have a bad board. If the voltage is there to the pump, then you have a bad pump.


  36. 60-1260, SNAPCAP, CLIP, keeps breaking. poor design/material, have any that are properly made???

    1. Dan,
      We do see quite a few of these. We get everything straight from the Bullfrog Spa factory so not sure on the materials. As an alternative, you could upgrade to the new style snapcaps and pillows. They use a different clip.

  37. I just purchased an A7 hot tub. Last night I raised the temperature to 101F and found it a bit warm. I then dropped the setting to 95F and went to bed. This afternoon the temperature was 102F and now it is 101F. I just can’t get the temperature to go down even though I reduce the temperature setting.

    1. A Bullfrog Spa is extremely energy efficient which you will appreciate even more in the winter. However, it cannot “lower” the temperature and when it is in filter cycle the heat generated from the pump is added to the spa to save on energy. To lower the temperature, either raise the cover an inch or so to let the heat escape or throw in some ice cubes.

  38. I have a Bullfrog spa that I’ve had to for 3 years. I purchased it at another dealer and never felt comfortable with getting the chemicals right. I called my own dealer and left 3 messages without a response. I finally gave up and called Richard and he spent 20 minutes on the phone helping me finally figure this out. I wish he was my local dealer. Thank you for your generosity and knowledge.

  39. We have a Bullfrog spa model 251 that was installed in 2007. I’ve noticed that the water level was decreasing each week for several weeks even though the spa was not used. The last time I was doing weekly maintenance on the tub, I noticed that both of the Power Storm II jets are broken, just wobbling around.

    I see that you sell the replacement part – can you advise on how I can remove/install the part?

    Also, do you think that the broken jets are the cause of the water level decreasing? I don’t see any sign of other leaks.

    Thank you,


    1. Turn the jet counterclockwise until you reach the stop and then force past the stop. The jet will pop out. Some of your water loss could be natural evaporation. The jet faces do not cause a leak as long as the body of the jet is intact.

  40. Thank you so much for your helpful reply. I was able to remove those jets and just ordered the new parts. Nice to have you as a resource for our BullFrog Spa, the dealers don’t even return my call.

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