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This entire website has been built to help the Bullfrog Spa Customer. You made the investment in a quality Bullfrog Spa and we are here to help with your service and parts needs. As you the Bullfrog Customer are the most important part and the entire reason for this website, we value your feedback. Leave your comments below about the service, website or related topic.

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98 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. Thank you so much for your helpful reply. I was able to remove those jets and just ordered the new parts. Nice to have you as a resource for our BullFrog Spa, the dealers don’t even return my call.

  2. We have a Bullfrog spa model 251 that was installed in 2007. I’ve noticed that the water level was decreasing each week for several weeks even though the spa was not used. The last time I was doing weekly maintenance on the tub, I noticed that both of the Power Storm II jets are broken, just wobbling around.

    I see that you sell the replacement part – can you advise on how I can remove/install the part?

    Also, do you think that the broken jets are the cause of the water level decreasing? I don’t see any sign of other leaks.

    Thank you,


    1. Turn the jet counterclockwise until you reach the stop and then force past the stop. The jet will pop out. Some of your water loss could be natural evaporation. The jet faces do not cause a leak as long as the body of the jet is intact.

  3. I have a Bullfrog spa that I’ve had to for 3 years. I purchased it at another dealer and never felt comfortable with getting the chemicals right. I called my own dealer and left 3 messages without a response. I finally gave up and called Richard and he spent 20 minutes on the phone helping me finally figure this out. I wish he was my local dealer. Thank you for your generosity and knowledge.

  4. I just purchased an A7 hot tub. Last night I raised the temperature to 101F and found it a bit warm. I then dropped the setting to 95F and went to bed. This afternoon the temperature was 102F and now it is 101F. I just can’t get the temperature to go down even though I reduce the temperature setting.

    1. A Bullfrog Spa is extremely energy efficient which you will appreciate even more in the winter. However, it cannot “lower” the temperature and when it is in filter cycle the heat generated from the pump is added to the spa to save on energy. To lower the temperature, either raise the cover an inch or so to let the heat escape or throw in some ice cubes.

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