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This entire website has been built to help the Bullfrog Spa Customer. You made the investment in a quality Bullfrog Spa and we are here to help with your service and parts needs. As you the Bullfrog Customer are the most important part and the entire reason for this website, we value your feedback. Leave your comments below about the service, website or related topic.

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98 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. I am trying to replace a seal between motor and impeller is there a trick to pulling the impeller off of the motor shaft i think the seal has been leaking awhile.

    1. After removing the thru-bolts holding the motor to the pump, you will need to remove the clip holding the pump to the shaft.

      1. its not a clip it is threaded on saw it when i broke it i will order a new impeller wish i would have seen the coupons before i ordered a controller, cover, and seals.

  2. cant get a tech to look at a spa. local dealer in billings wants nothing to do with it. error code reads ” low water flow tech required “

    1. Sorry for your problems. A Low Water Flow error can be caused by dirty filters, a gate valve closed or a failing pump. Remove the filters, reset the spa and see if that fixes, Check all the gate valves and be sure they are full open.

  3. Your online chat was great. Thank you so much for being patient and answering all my questions. This is a testamant to a true customer service.

        1. The original warranty is part of the overall Bullfrog Spa equipment warranty. A replacement part under warranty does not extend the original warranty. Likewise, a replacement part not under warranty carries a replacement part warranty which is 90 days.

  4. one of the best and most helpfull online shopping experiences ive ever had. i will be useing this sight for all my spa needs…..all around very happy with the help and guidance. thanks.

  5. Order site worked well. Thanks.One comment. I read your warning on needing to enter discount code. I hit the order button just as I realized the “Save25” hadn’t been entered, but could not go back to it. I’d appreciate it if you could still help me apply the discount. Thanks!

    Order #BF-2599

    Status: Accepted

    Feb 7, 2013 03:24 AM

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