J207 Reliever JetPak


J207 Reliever JetPak J207-Reliever

Combination Therapy for Maximum Relief

The Reliever JetPak is a thoughtful combination massage that targets your lower obliques with an intense deep tissue massage while soothing your upper lateral muscles with a soothing kneading. The combination of these 2 massage types creates a therapeutic sensation all its own that can be found nowhere else. This unique combination of relaxation for the upper back and penetrating hydromassage for the lower back makes the Reliever many people's very favorite JetPak.

Jetpak only. Does not include Snapcap or Pillow.

Fits all seats on Bullfrog Series A and Series R Model Years 2013 - Present

$582 In stock
Brand:Bullfrog Spas
Model Year(s):2013 - Present
Jetpak Color Cinnabar (0) Cloud (0) Midnight Canyon (0) Mirage (0) Pearl (0) Platinum (0) Sandstone (0) Sapphire (0) Snow (0) Sunset (0) Titanium (0) Charcoal (Non-Acrylic) (-50)
Jet Style Standard (0) Stainless Steel Face (39) Brushed Stainless Steel (39)
J207 Reliever JetPak